The true heritage and inspiration of Telic footwear dates back over a century ago to (CEO Rocco Azzarito’s grandfather) Francisco Azzarito.

Born in the small southern Italian town of Sant’Agata Di Puglia, Francisco dreamed of coming to America.

Francisco was born the son of a shoe cobbler, and although he followed in his father’s trade, he always dreamed of building footwear in America.

Francisco landed on Ellis Island in the spring of 1920 when he was just sixteen years old. With no knowledge of the language or culture he settled in Brooklyn, NY. There, he changed his name to Frank because he wanted to be a “real” American. Frank pursued several jobs until he finally began making shoes at the I. Miller Shoe Company and eventually became the foreman of the factory.

Later, he served as the superintendent of the Fern Shoe Company in Los Angeles, CA until retirement. Fulfilling his dream, he enjoyed over a 50 year career of making footwear in the United States. In 1920, Frank came

to America to fulfill his dream. Today, this dream lives on in our footwear.

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